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Founded in 2015, we are a juggernaut team of Marketing and Technology professionals. Together we are on a journey to solve a problem.

In order to host any event, a lot of time and money gets wasted on physically visiting all the venues and finding their availability. Next, we need to compare facilities and see if the asking price falls in our budget. All of this is painstakingly slow and old-school.

We at Speedy Venues, aim to connect you to the venues within the comfort of your home. Through our solution, we want to give our clients access to unique up-market venues, that previously would take tons of time or were impossible to find. We also give a price approximation to help make their decision.

We are not interested in doing ordinary Our concept is different from that offered by traditional venue service providers. We are not a venue booking site. We assist people people to find thats best for them in a blaze. We build lasting relationships and we are extremely proud of the fact that many of our customers choose to return to us whenever they have an occasion, party, meeting, event or training day.